Hydrogen Infrastructure Applications

equipped with fittings from STÖHR ARMATUREN

The industry today
An important step towards a sustainable, climate-friendly energy system is the development of a hydrogen economy. Rapid leaps in innovation are inevitable with new technologies – from green generation, long distance transportation via existing gas transport and distribution networks, to storage in hydrogen caverns. These elements combine to make the energy carrier available on a large scale in future as required, and energy service providers play a key role in this. The necessary advances in climate protection can only be achieved with a focus on renewable energy molecules – including hydrogen – and not just electrons.

Green energy and future needs
In the future, energy suppliers will strive to become integrated hydrogen suppliers throughout the value chain – from generation and large-scale storage to transport infrastructure and local distribution.
To enable this to happen, the green energy system must integrate the basic properties of hydrogen:

  • It’s easy to store.
  • The methods of obtaining it in an economical, environmentally friendly way are well known.
  • It can easily be transported over long distances and, therefore, exchanged between regions or even countries.
  • It can connect various industries and sectors.
  • It can overcome network bottlenecks for renewable electricity between different regions by being transported to consumers in the form of green gas through existing pipelines.

Our mission
STÖHR is committed to having a positive impact on the environment and offers solutions for hydrogen-based storage and transportation systems at all medium temperatures, valve sizes and pressure levels. Get in touch to discuss your design concept and we’ll work with you to design, prototype and manufacture the fittings and installations you need for mass production. We’re open to your challenge!

  • LH2/GH2 shut-off valves
  • Check valves
  • Gas filters
  • Mobile tank trailers for H2 transportation
  • Hydrogen truck trailers
  • H2  fuel station for low or high pressure gas storage
  • Hydrogen intermediate storage
  • Buffer storage for green energy

Essential product features:

  • High pressure valve up to 900 bar nominal pressure
  • Ambient medium temperature ranging from -30° C to + 50° C (243 K to 323 K)
  • Cryogenic medium temperature ranging from -271° C to -30° C (2 K to 243 K)
  • Manual, hydraulic or pneumatic actuation
  • Straight body type
  • Low actuating forces due to balanced valve lift
  • High tightness at seat, even at nominal pressure level
  • Installation in any mounting position possible
  • Nominal pressure: PN360 / PN420 / PN550 / PN700 / PN900
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN40

Bellow sealed 900 bar hydrogen globe valve with hydraulic actuator

900 bar hydrogen cryogenic check valve

High-pressure 360 / 420 bar globe valve with manual actuation (handwheel)

Essential product features:

  • Available as globe, control or check valve and filter with stem extension
  • Cryogenic valve suitable for medium temperatures ranging from 2K to 243K (-271° C to -30° C)
  • For gaseous media up to 40 bar operating pressure (other pressure levels on request)
  • Available with manual, pneumatic, electric, solenoid or hydraulic actuation
  • Available as straight body type (standard) or in angle version (optional)
  • Adaptable to various environmental conditions
  • For installation in vertical position or max inclination of 30°
  • Nominal sizes: DN10 to DN300
  • Nominal pressure: up to PN40

Manual globe valve (DN150) with gearbox

  • Fittings for gases since 1938
  • Experienced in cryogenics since the 1960s
  • Quality system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • High product safety in operation
  • High product reliability, low maintenance
  • Long durability
  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • High leak tightness to the environment
  • Lowest heat loads to the medium
  • Highest pressure levels
  • Applicable at cryogenic, ambient and even hot medium temperatures
  • For all environmental and service conditions
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream applications

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